The hawthorn flower tattoo is an artistic representation of the tree that produces sweet white flowers. The leaves are also often used for healing purposes, and it’s no wonder that this is one popularly chosen design!

A simple swirl of the leaves and flowers would look great on a woman’s ankle, for example. Or you could also use it as part of your sleeves or back piece. Wherever you decide to put it, make sure that it looks good!

You may want to seek the advice of an expert designer if this is your first time using this tattoo design.

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Hawthorn Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The hawthorn is symbolic of protection and the power to overcome adversity. Its sweet white flowers also symbolize purity, love and happiness.

This tattoo design is a great choice for couples, especially those who are already living together.  

Just make sure that both of you get this inked on your bodies so that you’ll always have the protection it offers!

If you believe in Feng Shui then this would be an excellent placement for a back piece – since according to them, this tree is an excellent element for you to have behind you.

This little tree has been a favorite of artists who have made it into songs, poems and movies. It’s also used in cooking! The fruit can be eaten and the flowers are sweet enough to eat as well.

Hawthorn Flower Tattoo

Hawthorn Tattoo on Sleeve

The hawthorn flower tattoo could also be a good design for your sleeves or back piece.

To put it simply, the hawthorn means that you’re protected and can overcome any obstacles in life! Plus

A sleeve tattoo is very bold so this would be a good idea if you’re not in a rush to get it and have plenty of space left on your arm.

Lily of The Valley and Hawthorn Tattoo

The lily of the valley is a flower that stands for purity, innocence and love. It’s also well known for its ability to grow even in poor soil. That’s why it symbolizes an appreciation of natural beauty.

A lot of couples like getting this design on their bodies because they believe that having both parts will help bind them together and keep them safe.

This could be a great design for your inner arm, since you can easily hide it if you’re in the workplace or attending formal occasions.

Hawthorn Tattoo Small

Small hawthorn flower tattoo on ankle. Birds and flowers often symbolize love and protection, so if you want you can get a hawthorn tree with your loved one’s initials or a special date inscribed at the base.

The cool thing about this design is that it could be incorporated into larger tattoo designs for example on the back or sleeve.

Hawthorn Tattoo Back

A hawthorn flower tattoo on the back is very popular among couples. Hawthorn is a symbol of love, protection and good fortune.

It is believed that the hawthorn protects couples. So it is a good idea to have this tattoo if you want your relationship to last through lifetime.

The hawthorn tree has sweet white flowers in spring and red berries in autumn. You can get a simple design like an image of this tree, or you can make it more complex with small flowers, birds or butterflies.

Hawthorn Tattoo Foot  

A hawthorn flower tattoo on the foot is an excellent choice for women who don’t want to make their design too obvious and bold. The meaning of a hawthorn tree is protection so this is a great idea if you are looking for some extra support!

If you chose to get a small design, then it’s even more ideal for those who are afraid of needles. This is also a good idea if you plan on getting this inked but don’t want the extra attention that might come with a larger tattoo. And best of all, this simple design can be easily hidden!