Chicano Tattoo Designs

Chicano Tattoos are a type of tattoo that can make an individual look more appealing. With Chicano tattoos, one will be able to express their culture as well as show pride in the country they belong or to their own ancestry. A Chicano tattoo is a type of tattoo that represents a person, their history and heritage from Mexico. This type of tattoo became popular in the United States during the time when it was illegal to be Mexican-American.

Chicano tattoos are very complex and intricate on purpose because they take inspiration from pre Hispanic designs, especially Aztec symbols. These tattoos are more than just a pattern of lines and swirls. They are often very geometric, elaborate, and very colorful. The colors used for these tattoos tend to be strong reds, blues, greens and yellows.

They take inspiration from the Mexican folklore where there is a lot of references to the sun, moon and stars but also what colors represent in that folklore.

Chicano tattoos are becoming very popular because they exude culture and in turn, show the pride of one’s ancestry through the design of the tattoo. It is a good way to reflect your heritage as well as look beautiful at all times. The tattoo itself can be small and subtle or make it very dramatic and elaborate. The design is in no way limited to any particular part of the body and can be placed on any part of the skin.

Chicano Tattoo Sleeve Design

A Chicano tattoo sleeve is a type of tattoo that will cover the entire arm. It takes inspiration from Aztec and Mayan designs. The tattoos often take on very geometric shapes, almost like lace or embroidery. Some people choose to have just one part of their body covered in these tattoos while others choose to have their entire arm covered in them. The tattoo can be small or large on purpose to emphasize the importance of it having a large area to cover.

chicano tattoo designs
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Chicano Tattoos for Men

Among the most popular Chicano tattoo designs are those that men get on their arms. This is because they generally have more of an arm to cover and can therefore, incorporate different designs which represent their heritage. These types of tattoos take inspiration from Aztec symbols where there are a lot of suns, moons, stars and geometric patterns. These tattoos are very geometric and often use black as a strong color to emphasize the design. The designs are also detailed so that they look like lace or embroidery at the same time.

Chicano Tattoos for Women

A Chicano tattoo can be inked by women who want to express their ancestry in a beautiful way. This type of tattoo is very detailed and intricate so that they look like lace or embroidery when the design is completed. They take on strong colors such as reds, blues, greens and yellows to represent their heritage in the most beautiful way possible.

One of the most popular designs for women in this category is a beautiful ornate flower which symbolizes strength and faithfulness. The design is generally inked on the upper or lower back with small flowers in each corner of the design, rather than one big bouquet right smack dab where everyone can see it. This is a very feminine design and typically features roses, lilies or other small flowers in the pattern that are oh so beautiful and elegant.

Another popular design for women is the Aztec sun on their back or front. There are many variations of this design, but its main goal is to symbolize strength and life.

Simple Chicano Tattoos

Chicano tattoos are sometimes mixed with other types of tattoos, but usually are simple enough on their own. These designs usually feature geometric shapes or a certain pattern which symbolizes the strength of the Mexican culture. A very popular combination is to have a Chicano tattoo design and then get Aztec symbols inked on either side for added effect.

For example, someone who is getting a Chicano tattoo may also want to get the Aztec symbol for strength inked on their bicep. This is because they both reflect each other through the symbols used and overall meaning. Both designs represent the Mexican culture and by including this small detail, it adds more meaning to that specific area of the body.